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KOSULI BREAKS 12”(LP) コスリ ブレイクス 12インチ アナログレコード 擦盤 擦り こすり ぶれいくす

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日本のターンテーブリストが集結したバトルブレイクス 『KOSULI BREAKS』が未来のDJシーンを照らす! ・日本が誇るターンテーブリスト界のスターが多数参加した、純国産バトルブレイクス『KOSULI BREAKS』の アナログレコード盤が2022年2月5日にリリース。 ・「日本」をコンセプトに、「スキップレス」で初心者でも使いやすいBPM133.33で統一された27トラックスは、混乱する世界の希望となる輝きに満ちた内容となっている。トラック内には「和」を感じるサウンドや、「侍」「忍者」といった世界的に人気のワード使いも豊富に収録されており、日本のみならず海外でも話題になる一枚だ。 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Battle Breaks by Japanese Turntablists "KOSULI BREAKS" will light up the future DJ scene! "KOSULI BREAKS," a 100% domestically-produced battle record, featuring many of the Japanese turntablist world stars, will be released on February 5,2022. Based on the concept of "Japan," the 27 skip-less tracks, easy to use even for beginners as they're standardized at 133.33 BPM, are a spark of hope in this chaotic world. The tracks contain a wealth of Japanese sounds, as well as globally popular words such as "samurai" and "ninja," making it a viral content not only in Japan but also overseas. 【Information】 Artist:KOSULI( V.A.) Title:KOSULI BREAKS Format: 12"(VINYL / レコード) Realase Date:2022.02.05 Includes:27 Tracks Price:3300yen Label: STOKYO & 擦/KOSULI Records 参加アーティスト/Participating Artists DJ B=BALL DJ COMA DJ DOM-AUTO DJ FUMMY DJ KENTARO DJ RENA DJ RICO DJ TAIJI KOSULIST feat.ILLNANDES KOULIST feat.TECH NINE Sing J Roy ※A to Z 【Track List】 SIDE A 1.Alchemy Cuts/化斬  Produced by DJ CO-MA 2.Black Belt Cuts/黒帯斬 Produced by DJ TAIJI 3.Kamikaze Fire/神風炎 Produced by DJ TAIJI 4.Like a Samurai/侍乃様 Produced by DJ TAIJI 5.Playsound Pt.1/遊音壱 Produced by DJ RENA 6.Playsound Pt.2/遊音弐 Produced by DJ RENA 7.Playdrum/遊太鼓 Produced by DJ RENA 8.Playbass/遊低音 Produced by DJ RENA 9.Kosulu2Turntable/擦二台乃蓄音器 Produced by DJ FUMMY 10.Doping Skill/飛技 Produced by DJ FUMMY 11.Free-Dom/自由界 Produced by DJ DOM-AUTO 12.Soun-Dom/音師 Produced by DJ DOM-AUTO 13.Technics Turntable/松下乃蓄音機 Produced by KOSULIST feat TECH NINE SIDE B 1.1to8/壱空捌 Produced by KOSULIST feat ILLNANDES 2.Samurai Cuts/侍斬 Produced by KOSULIST feat ILLNANDES 3.Kosuli a Lot/沢山擦 Produced by KOSULIST feat ILLNANDES 4.92’s Cuts/平成斬 Produced by DJ RICO 5.Ninja’s Kosuli/忍者乃擦 Produced by KOSULIST feat TECH NINE 6.Go Ahhh-Yeahhh/行亜家 Produced by KOSULIST feat TECH NINE 7.KOSULI/擦 Big shout by Sing J Roy 8.Zan’s Lead Loop/斬旋律 Produced by DJ B=BALL 9.Zan’s Drum Loop/斬太鼓 Produced by DJ B=BALL 10.Zan’s Bass Loop Pt.1/斬低音壱 Produced by DJ B=BALL 11.Zan’s Bass Loop Pt.2/斬低音弐 Produced by DJ B=BALL 12.Zan/斬 Produced by DJ B=BALL 13.Kosuli to remove dirt/擦落汚滓 Produced by KOSULIST feat ILLNANDES 14.Tekerman Kantoku/手毛留面監督 Produced by DJ KENTARO KOSULI / 擦 擦/KOSULI( コスリ)とはDJの技 / Technique の一つでスクラッチ / Skratchを意味する日本のオリジナルワード。思考と感情が擦り合う事で情熱を創造し行動する事により世界に新たな影響を与える為に生まれたブランドです。全てのコスリストに。

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