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KOSULI BREAKS2 (Degital Ver. ) / コスリ ブレイクス2 (デジタル版)

2,750 JPY

※This is digital item



世界と日本をつなぐ国産バトルブレイク ス第二弾『KOSULI BREAKS2』デジタル版。 DJ AKAKABE、DJ RENA、DJ TAIJI、DJ KAITO、DJ HARUTO、KOSULISTによりスキップレスな擦りネタやドラムネタが今ここに集結。 音楽を通じて世界、様々な文化、人々との架け橋をつくり、無限の可能性が広がる世界と繋がりましょう。 アナログ盤に収録しきれなかった擦りネタやDJ RENA プロデュースによる『Kagura』、アナログ盤に収録されているSide-AとSide-Bを結合したコンプリートデータを含む全25トラックが収録されている。 新旧の要素を見事に融合させたKOSULI BREAKS2で、より良い未来への音を体験しましょう。 Introducing the digital version of "KOSULI BREAKS2," the second installment of the domestically produced battle break that connects the world and Japan. DJ AKAKABE, DJ RENA, DJ TAIJI, DJ KAITO, DJ HARUTO, and KOSULIST have brought together skipless scratches and drum beats in this release. Let's use music to build bridges with the world, various cultures, and people, and connect with a world of infinite possibilities. This digital version includes all 26 tracks, including scratch samples that couldn't fit on the analog version, DJ RENA's production "Kagura," and a complete data set combining Side-A and Side-B from the analog version. Experience the sound of a better future through the expert fusion of old and new elements in KOSULI BREAKS2. 【Information】 Artist:KOSULI( V.A.) Title:KOSULI BREAKS2 Format: Degital / デジタル Realase Date:2023.05.27 Includes:25Tracks Price:2750JPY Label : KOSULI Records 【Track List /トラックリスト】 01: 32わん (prod. DJ AKAKABE) 2: Don’t Stop Now (prod.DJ AKAKABE ) 3: Rap (prod. DJ RENA) 4: Raiser (prod. DJ RENA) 5: Please Stand Up (prod.KOSULIST) 6: Time to start the Revolution Yeah (prod.KOSULIST) 7: Drum Break(prod. DJ RENA) 9: I Am The Ninja(prod.DJ TAIJI) 10: Ahhh Kamikaze (prod.DJ TAIJI) 11: Fonkeee Fresh(prod.DJ TAIJI) 12: Hell Yeah!!(prod.DJ KAITO) 13: Getting High Oh Fresh(DJ HARUTO) 14: Nowar Peace Yo(prod.KOSULIST) 15: Drum break2 (prod.DJ RENA) 16: Ante Up (prod.KOSULIST) 17: Bitch Hey (prod.KOSULIST) 18: Breaking All The Rule Hip Hop (prod.KOSULIST) 19: Don'T Stop Hip Hop (prod.KOSULIST) 20: Drum Break3 (prod. DJ RENA) 21: Get World Peace Stop War (prod.KOSULIST) 22: Sky The Limit Imagine That (prod.KOSULIST) 23: We The Future Never Give It Up (prod.KOSULIST) 24: Kagura (prod. DJ RENA) 25: Kagura (Instrumental) (prod. DJ RENA) 26: KOSULI BREAKS 2 Vinyl Version Side A+Side B (Digital MASTER) Mastered by DJ B=BALL Designed by DARATRO Presented by KOSULI

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